Serie A Coaches Salary 2022-23

Serie A League is a renowned Italian football league with 20 clubs every season. It is famous all over the world. It is one of the most expensive football leagues. The organizer spends a massive number of money in order to succeed in the arrangement. Each team hired the best players and coaches to approach forward. In a game, the coach plays a vital role, actually, he is the man who guides them from the very beginning to end. All coaches are well qualified and experienced but their salaries are not the same. It depends on the contract that is signed by them.

In that case, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri is the highest-paid Serie A coach. His annual salary is about €9 million at the club. Other coaches’ salary is given below.

Italian Serie A Coaches Salary 2022-23

Serie A Managers Age Club Salary
Massimiliano Allegri 55 Juventus €9 million
Jose Mourinho 59 Roma €7 million 
Luciano Spalletti 63 Napoli €6.8 million
Alessio Dionisi  42 Sassuolo €4 million
Marco Baroni 59 Lecce €3.75 million
Simone Inzaghi 46 Inter Milam €3.5 million
Maurizio Sari 63 Lazio €3 million
Gian Piero Gasperini 64 Atalanta €2.2 million
Stefano Pioli 56 Milan €2 million
Ivan Javorčić 43 Venice €2 million
Luca Gotti 55 Spezia €2 million
Fabio Liverani 46 Cagliari Calcio €2 million
Thiago Motta 40 Bologna €2 million
Ivan Juric  47 Turin €2 million
Paolo Zanetti  39 Empoli €1.5 million
Alexander Blessin 49 Genoa €1.5 million
Vincenzo Italiano  44 Fiorentina €1.2 million
Andrea Sottil 48 Udinese €1 million
Raffaele Palladino 38 Monza €8.50.000
Marco Giampaolo 55 Sampdoria €7.50.000

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Massimiliano Allegri has signed a four years contract with Juventus until 2025. He will be given €9 million in a year. 55 years old, Allegri was in Juventus from 2014 to 2019. After a break, he returned to Juventus. Former Italian midfielder Allegri retired in 2003 and began his coaching career. He has coached many teams and led them to many titles. Juventus already won 11 trophies led by him. He is the only man who has won four times Golden Bench and four times Serie A Coach of the year. Undoubtedly is the greatest football coach ever. His annual is the highest salary in Serie A. He will be in charge as head coach of Juventus until 2025 but there is an option to extend the tenure. 

Jose Mourinho is the newly appointed head coach of Roma. After being fired by Tottenham Hotspur he joined Roma. he signed a three years contract with the club. Since 2000, he has been coaching many clubs like Manchester United, Inter Milan, Chelsea, etc. Portuguese midfielder Mourinho is one of the tacticians and a well-organized coach in Serie A. He is the second-highest-paid coach in Serie A. His annual salary is €7 million at the club.

Luciano Spalletti is a former Italian Footballer who is the head coach of Napoli. In 2021 the club named Spalletti as the head coach and he will be in charge until 2023. He began his coaching career in 1994 with the club Empoli later on he worked with many other teams. He is a very hard-working person and one step advanced in his method. He led Roma for a long time and witnessed many titles for the club. He is regarded as one of the best football coaches. He is given €6.8 million in a year.

Alessio Dionisi was appointed as the head coach of Sassuolo in 2021. He signed a two years contract that will run until 2023. He is an infant in a coaching career that he began in 2014. In 2020 he led the Empoli Serie B championship and he came to the limelight. By overwhelming his achievement he was offered by Sassuolo and he graved the chance. His annual salary is approximately €4 million at his club.

Marco Baroni joined Lecce in 2021 for the first time and he extended it to 2023. He played in Italian National Team Under 21 for five years. He continuously played until 2000. After his retirement, he started his coaching career. Already he has coached more than dozen of clubs and led them to many titles. 39 aged, Baroni is professional in his job. His disciples are being trained under his leadership. He is very optimistic about the upcoming season. He is considered an excellent coach in Serie A. His club Lecce pays him around €3.75 million per year.

This content is based on various authentic sources but it may be changed at any time by its authority.

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