Premier League Referees Salary 2022-23

A referee is a part and parcel of a football match and plays a vital role throughout the game. The entire game is conducted by his instruction which is not a mere task. He has to take any decision very carefully lest he would be flooded by cusswords and criticism. Despite a difficult job, he received little reimbursement comparatively as a player or manager. In the chart below we gonna know about the basic and per match salary of all Premier League referees salary. We have collected all the information from different authentic sources such as newspapers, online articles, press releases, forums, and others sources.

Premier League Referees Salary 2022/23

Name  Nationality Per Match Annual Salary
Micheal Oliver  English £1,500 £300.000
Anthony Taylor English £1,500 £90.000
Michael Salisbury English £1,500 £80.000
Craig Pawson English £1,500 £75.000
Paul Tierney English £1,500 £70.000
Jarred Gillett Australian £1,500 £70.000
Thomas Bramall English £1,500 £70.000
Andre Marriner English £1,500 £68.000
Graham Scott English £1,500 £60.000
Robert Jones  English £1,500 £60.000
Andy Madley English £1,500 £55.000
David Coote English £1,500 £55.000
Simon Hooper English £1,500 £53.000
Tony Harrington English £1,500 £52.000
Peter Bankes English £1,500 £50.000
Stuart Attwell English £1,500 £48.000
Darren England English £1,500 £48.000
John Brooks American £1,500 £50.000

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Micheal Oliver is the selected referee for the English Premier League. He received  FIFA badge in 2012. He conducted the final match of the 2015 FIFA World Cup Under 17. In the 2016-17 UEFA Champion League he refereed three group stage matches. In the domestic league, he was regular in Northern League, and English League, and since 2010 he is in English Premier League. He is the highest-paid referee in EPL. He takes £1,500 per match and annually £300.000 at EPL.

Anthony Taylor is a listed FIFA referee currently in English Premier League. In 2013 FIFA allowed him to referee European and international matches. In 2003 he began his referee career in the Northern Premier League. Since 2002 he refereed many leagues and was appointed to English Premier League in 2010. He is the second highest-paid referee among others in EPL. he also charged  £1,500 per match. His annual fee is nearly  £900.00 which is second place on the list. 

Craig Pawson has been officiating the English Premier League since 2013. In 2015 he was listed on the FIFA International referees list. He also officiates UEFA Champion League and UEFA Europa League. Pawson is a familiar face in international matches. He is one of the most excellent referees in EPL. He also gets a £1,500 allowance for each match. His annual salary at EPL is more than £75.000. 

Paul Tierney is another FIFA-listed referee who had listed on FIFA in 2018. Currently, he officiates the English Premier League. In the 2019 Fa Cup final, he was the assistant referee. The final match between Manchester and Tottenham Hotspur in the 2021 EFL Cup was officiated by him. He is a very calculative person and his decision is always undisputed. His annual allowance in English Premier League is about £70.000.

Jarred Gillett is the first non-British referee who officiates the English Premier League matches. Australian Gillett was listed on FIFA in 2013 and he is appointed in EPL in 2021. Previously he conducted EFL and A-League matches. He also officiated the Indian Super League, Chinese Super League, and Saudi Profession League. He refereed a match between Colchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in the 2019 EFL Cup. He earns nearly £70.000 yearly from the English Premier League.


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