Premier League Managers Salary 2022-23

The English Premier League is the most celebrated and expensive football League around the world next to FIFA World Cup, the greatest show on earth. The organizer takes lots of efficient steps over the year for the betterment of the arrangement. There are 20 regular teams that take part in the game. All the players and managers are hired with a handsome salary by a valid contract. We’ll describe in detail the salary of Premier League managers. Though a manager’s salary remains unraveled, we have collected this information from different authentic sources. 

In the list below Pep Guardiola occupy the first place who is given £19.5 million per year by Manchester City. It is the highest payment of a  manager in EPL history. Manchester City is one of the oldest and most famous teams, they won the Championship in the 2021-22 season under Pep Guardiola’s super managerial ability. He has been in Manchester since 2016 and has witnessed many victories for the club. 

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp is second on this list. He gets paid £15 million per year from Liverpool. Let’s see at a glance the rest manager’s salary. 

Premier League Managers Salary

Pep Guardiola 51 Manchester City   £19.5 million
Jürgen Klopp 55 Liverpool £15 million
Antonio Conte 53 Tottenham Hotspur   £13 million
Graham Potter 47 Chelsea  £10 million
Erik ten Hag 52 Manchester United £9 million
Ralph Hasenhüttl  55 Southampton £6 million
Scott Parker 41 Bournemouth £5 million
Mikel Arteta 40 Arsenal     £5 million
Steven Gerrard 42 Aston Villa £5 million
Eddie Howe 44 Newcastle United   £5 million
Frank Lampard 44 Everton £5 million
David Moyes 59 West Ham United £5 million
Brendan Rodgers 49 Leicester City £5 million
Marco Silva 45 Fulham   £4.5 million
Patrick Vieira 46 Crystal Palace  £4 million
Jesse Marsch 48 Leeds United  £3.5 million
Bruno Lage 46 Wolverhampton Wanderers  £2.5 million
Thomas Frank 48 Brentford £1.5 million
Steve Cooper 42 Nottingham Forest £1.5 million

[All the information has been derived from many authentic sources but it may be changed by the authorities]

Pep Guardiola is one of the greatest EPL managers of all time. Former Spanish National Team Captain currently in charge of the manager of Manchester City since 2016. Last season 2020/21 he led the team Championship. Since 1988 he had been played for many teams including the Spanish National team. He retired from playing in 2005. In 2007 he joined  Barcelona as team manager for the first time. He is excellent in managerial quality as playing. 

At present, he is the highest-paid manager in EPL. Manchester City pays him £19.5 million annually which is record-breaking. The upcoming season will be more challenging for Manchester City.

Jürgen Klopp is the second highest paid EPL manager who is paid £15 million per year by Liverpool. Former German defender Jürgen Klopp joined Liverpool in 2015 and led the team UEFA Champion League final in 2018 and 2019 later the team won the sixth champion title. He ensured back-to-back FIFA Coach of the year in 2019 and 2020. His contract with Liverpool already has been extended three-time lastly his tenure with Liverpool is until 2026.

After 2001 he has hardly been seen on the ground due to his managing career. He is regarded as one of the best players and managers of all time.

Antonio Conte is in the third position according to the salary rank. Currently, he is the head coach cum manager of Tottenham Hotspur where he was appointed in 2021. Conte was an Italian star player in the 1994 FIFA World Cup he played for Italy National Team and UEFA Euro Cup 2000. He also played for Juventus and later he was appointed as manager of Juventus, Chelsea, etc. Tottenham Hotspur pays him  £13 million per year.

Graham Potter recently has appointed as the head coach of Chelsea but he was in charge of Brighton & Hove Albion, Swansea City, and others. In 1996 he played England National team Under 21. Since 1992 he had played for many teams. He began his managing career in 2008 with Leeds Carnegie. He is considered one of the hights paid EPL managers along with others. His annual salary is nearly  £10 million which is paid by Chelsea.

Erik ten Hag is newly appointed manager of Manchester United. The team didn’t win any notable previous league due to frequent changes of manager. After four interim managers in April 2022, Erik ten Hag signed a contract with Manchester United which will run until 2025. There is 

an option to extend the deal. United pays him £9 million per year with other facilities. 

Ralph Hasenhüttl, an Austrian center-forward player retired from playing in 2004. In 2007 he joined SpVgg Unterhaching as team manager and later he managed many other teams for several tenures. Currently, he is the manager of Southampton. He was hired from 2018 to 2020 but at the end of his tenure, he signed a four-year deal with the same team until 2024.his annual salary from Southampton is around  £6 million. The team is very optimistic about the upcoming season.

Scott Parker is the manager of Bournemouth. Once he was a midfielder-player of the England National team. He also played for many teams several times. After retiring from playing he pursued his managing career in Fulham as a caretaker manager in 2019. Later on, he joined Bournemouth as manager and the team pays him nearly £5 million yearly for his service. Parker is always work-friendly and forward-thinking. His disciples are dependent on him for their betterment.

Mikel Arteta played for Arsenal from 2011 to 2016. Mike played several times for the Spanish National Team junior but was never selected for the Senior team. He played for so many clubs. After retiring, he served as an assistant of Manchester City along with Pep Guardiola, the greatest coach of Manchester City. In 2019 he backed his club Arsenal as the head coach. In his first season, Arsenal won the FA Cup title which made the coach remarkable. Arsenal extended his contract until 2024/25.

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