NHL Referees Salary 2022

National Hockey League is one of the top-ranked hockey leagues in the world. NHL comprises 32 teams – 25 teams from USA and 7 teams from Canada. In every season the game is organized with great amusement. All make swollen money whose are related with it. In the following passage, we’ll make an elaborate discussion of the match officials’ annual earnings.

All professional NHL referees are authorized by the NHLOA ( National Hockey League Officials Associations). Recently NHLOA published the referees and linesmen list on their website. At present, the organization consists of 35 full-time referees and 34 full-time linesmen. In addition, we have 9 minor league referees and 5 minor league linesmen. These referees and linesmen are paid well according to their experience. 

We have divided the match officials and linesmen as below.

Senior referees make up to $430,000 annually. 

Entry-level referee earn about $200,000.

Senior linesmen make up to $228,000.

NHL referees make up to $430,000 annually. That huge amount salary is reserved for the most seasoned referees with at least 15 years of experience. Entry-level salaries earmarked for first-year referees start at $200,000. Referees earn an incremental yearly increase and are expected to officiate up to 73 games per season. However, most referees will end up officiating between 50-73 games, earning between $1,500 and $5,000 each game, depending on their seniority level.

NHLOA-listed referees and linesmen are presented below. This is the updated list for this year.

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Match Referee

  • Jon McIsaac
  • Chris Schlenker
  • Wes McCauley
  • Chris Rooney 
  • Francis Charron 
  • Garrett Rank 
  • Francois St Laurent
  • Dan O’Rourke 
  • Kyle Rehman
  • Kelly Sutherland 
  • Justin St Pierre 
  • Furman South 
  • Trevor Hanson 
  • Jean Hebert 
  • Brian Pochmara 
  • Frederick L’Ecuyer
  • Tom Chmielewski
  • Gord Dwyer
  • Mitch Dunning
  • TJ Luxmore
  • Ghislain Hebert
  • Corey Syvret
  • Graham Skilliter
  • Marc Joannette
  • Jake Brenk
  • Eric Furlatt
  • Chris Lee Ian
  • Walsh Kendrick
  • Nicholson Michae
  • Markovic Kevin
  • Pollock Pierre
  • Lambert Peter
  • MacDougall
  • Brandon Blandina
  • Steve Kozari

How Much Do Linesmen Earn? 

The linesmen are paid less than the match referees. NHL linesmen get paid about $137,000 annually, while long-serving referee assistants with over 15 years of experience earn $228,000. In the playoffs, linesmen make about $17,500 per playoff round. If linesmen work five games per series, they rake in $3,500 per outing.


  • Scott Cherrey
  • Andrew Smith 
  • Shandor Alphonso 
  • Bevan Mills 
  • Kyle Flemington 
  • Julien Fournier 
  • Steve Barton 
  • Ryan Gibbons 
  • Libor Suchanek 
  • James Tobias 
  • Brandon Gawryletz 
  • Tommy Hughes 
  • Travis Gawryletz 
  • CJ Murray 
  • Derek Nansen 
  • Brad Kovachik 
  • Trent Knorr 
  • Michel Cormier 
  • Caleb Apperson 
  • Kiel Murchison 
  • Jonathan Deschamps 
  • Ryan Daisy 
  • Ryan Galloway 
  • Matt MacPherson 
  • Jesse Marquis 
  • Devin Berg 
  • Tyson Baker 
  • Travis Toomey 
  • Ben O’Quinn 
  • Mark Shewchyk 
  • Kilian McNamara 
  • Bryan Pancich 
  • Jonny Murray 
  • David Brisebois

Minor League Referee

  • Conor O’Donnell
  • Jordan Samuels-Thomas 
  • Morgan MacPhee 
  • Justin Kea Cody 
  • Beach Brandon 
  • Schrader Carter 
  • Sandlak Beau 
  • Halkidis Reid Anderson

Minor League Linesmen

  • Dan Kelly 
  • Justin Johnson 
  • Mitch Hunt
  • Ryan Jackson 
  • Joe Mahon


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