All NFL Coaches Salary 2022 (How much they get paid)

The following graph must help you to get an overview of the best coaches in the NFL (American National Football League), for this season 2022, and their salaries as well. All the teams hired the world’s best coaches for themselves and paid the highest requirement of the coaches yearly. All of the coaches are highly qualified and skilled as they possessed some extraordinary qualities than others. If we go through the details we will notice Sean McVay is the highest-paid coach for this season. Los Angeles Rams have to pay $15-18 million annually. He is the youngest coach among the other renowned coaches. He is very optimistic about his team.

The rest of the coaches are adept at their ground, they also demand the highest salaries for their performance, and the authority of the teams has consent to pay the money. They are hoping that they lead their team to success.

NFL Coach Salaries 2022

Name  Ages Team Annual Salary
Sean McVay 36 Los Angeles Rams $15-18 million
Bill Belichick 70 New England Patriots $12.5 million
Pete Carroll 70 The Seattle Seahawks $11 million
Kyle Shanahan 42 The San Francisco 49ers $9.5 million
John Harbaugh 59 Baltimore Ravens $9 million
Frank Reich 60 Indianapolis Colts $9 million
Matt Rhule 47 Carolina Panthers $8.5 million
Mike Tomlin 50 Pittsburgh Steelers $8 million
Andy Reid 64 Kansas City Chiefs $8 million
Sean McDermott 48 The Bills $8 million
Ron Rivera 60 Washington Commanders $7 million
Nick Sirianni 41 Philadelphia Eagles $6-7 million
Kliff Kingsbury 43 Cardinals $5.5 million
Matt LaFleur 42 The Green Bay Packers $5 million
Lovie Smith 64 Houston Texans $5 million
Robert Saleh 43 New York Jets $5 million
Zac Taylor 39 Cincinnati Bengals $4.5 million
Mike McCarthy 58 The Dallas Cowboys $4 million
Nathaniel Hackett 42 The Broncos $4 million
Dan Campbell 46 Detroit Lions $4 million
Kevin Stefanski 40 Browns $3.5 million
Mike Vrabel 46 Tennessee Titans $3.4 million
Mike McDaniel 39 Miami Dolphins $3.5-4.5 million
Todd Bowles 58 Tampa Bay Buccaneers $3 million
Brian Daboll 47 New York Giants $1.2 million
Kevin O’Connell 37 Minnesota Vikings $1.2 million
Doug Pederson 54 Jacksonville Jaguars $2 million
Josh McDaniels 46 Las Vegas Raiders $1 million
Brandon Staley 39 Los Angeles Chargers $1 million
Dennis Allen 49 New Orleans Saints $500k-1 million
Matt Eberflus 53 Chicago Bears $4,500,00
Arthur Smith 40 Atlanta Falcons $500.000

All the information has been derived from reliable sources such as journals, articles, news reports, and press briefings.

[NB: Above the information may be changed by the authority]

  • Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams have won the NFC Championship twice, under the leadership of their coach Sean McVay. He has been with the Rams since 2017. The rams need to pay him the highest salary of $15-18 million annually. He suppressed all the records of heights paid coaches. He is the youngest coach in the history of the NFL. He is very supportive of the players and they are very comfortable with him.

  1. Bill Belichick, New England Patriots

Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots. He is the greatest coach of all time. His annual salary is approximately $12.5 million. It is a huge amount of money.  In 2000 he joined the New England Patriots. He wins 6 championships for his team. He Has a long career in coaching, and in 1975  he started his coaching career.

  1. Pete Carroll, The Seattle Seahawks

The third highest paid coach Pete Carroll is the head coach of The Seattle Seahawks since 2010. His annual salary is $11 million. Over 68 years old Pete is very energetic and positive to the team. He has a record of winning Super Blow winning the college football championship. He is one of the top ten best coaches in NFL.

  1. Kyle Shanahan, The San Francisco 49ers

Kyle Shanahan charges $9.5 million per year to The San Francisco 49ers. San Francisco made the Super Blow in 2019 even though most of their key player were injured. All this credit goes to coach Kyle Shanahan. The  49ers hoping for the Championship this season under the instruction of 47 years old Kyle Shanahan.

  1. John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens

Another hights paid is John Harbaugh is paid $9 million by Baltimore Ravens. After his joining Ravens wins a total of 128  including playoffs. He is working with Baltimore Ravens since 2008. He is very humble and smart. He can easily evaluate the players and they are also very comfortable with him. He leads the team skillfully and he is successful in his 12 years coaching career.

  1. Frank Reich, Indianapolis Colts

Frank Reich is the head coach of Indianapolis. The team needs to pay $9 million per year to this reputed coach. Clots were made to 37-28 records in the first four seasons under the guidance of Frank Reich. 60 years old Frank Reich is very professional in his manner which is appreciated by the players.

  1. Matt Rhule, Carolina Panthers

Matt Rhule signed a 7 years agreement with Carolina Panthers and they have to pay $8.5 million annually to the coach Matt Rhule. Now he is on the hot seat after 10-23 records in the last two seasons. The 47 years old coach Rhule is very cordial to his fellow. The Panthers are doing well to his instructions.

  1. Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers

Mike Tomlin is one of the top coaches in NFL. He is working with Pittsburgh Steelers with a deal of $8 million annually. In his second season, he won the Super Bowl. He is leading the Steelers to the playoffs in 10 of 15 seasons and made Super Bowl twice.

  1. Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs 

Reid is one of the offensive-minded among the NFL’s greats. He is going to 10 seasons with Kansas City Chiefs after 14 years with Philadelphia Eagles. Though he could never win any prominent game, he is well qualified for his position. He demands $8 million annually from Kansas City Chiefs.

  1. Sean McDermott, The Bills

Sean McDermott was hired in 2017. After his appointment the transformation of The Bills is remarkable. He has paid $8 million annually. Under the guidance of McDermott and Jose Allen, The Bills are confident to win the Super Bowl over the next several years.

  1. Ron Rivera, Washington Commanders

A five years deal is signed by Ron Rivera with Washington Commanders. Commander hired him for $7 million annually. In his first season, Washington won NFL East. He worked with Carolina Panthers where he led them to win Super Bowl in 2015.

  1. Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles

41 years old Nick Sirianni is hired by Philadelphia Eagles. They have to provide him $6-7 million per year. Nick Sirianni & Co. is highly ambitious for the upcoming seasons. Eaglesian are very hard working as their coach. Sirianni trained well individually their players.

  1. Kliff Kingsbury, Cardinals

In 2019 Kliff Kingsbury took responsibility for the Cardinals. He charged $5.5 million annually. In Kingsbury, In In the first season, the Cardinals have improved since going 5-10-1. He signed a contract extension through 2017 after making his first postseason appearance. He finished below .500 in six seasons at Texas Tech.

  1. Matt LaFleur, The Green Bay Packers

In LaFleur’s first three seasons The Green Bay Packers won 13 games in each. Now The Green Bay Packers are getting tied practice for the upcoming season under the leadership of well-experienced coach Matt LaFleur. His annual salary is around $5 million.

  1. Robert Saleh, New York Jets

Robert Saleh is a well-known coach in NFL. Before he joined New York Jets he worked with The San Francisco 49ers and earned a huge amount of money. The Jets’ franchise needs to pay him $5 million every year. On the other hand, New York Jets haven’t had any achievements since 2015. Now they are highly dependent on their 43years coach.

  1. Zac Taylor, Cincinnati Bengals

In the age of a player  Zac Taylor was hired by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2019. Now he is working with the team at a salary of $4.5 million annually. He is the second youngest coach next to Sean McVay. He won the Super Bowl in 2021.  Zac Taylor signed an extension through 2026.

  1. Mike McCarthy, The Dallas Cowboys

Mike McCarthy spent almost 13 seasons with The Green Bay Packers. The Dallas Cowboys hired him in 2020. They pay him $4 million annually. He won 10 playoff games and Super Bowl XLV. Comparatively, McCarthy charged less amount than others.

  1. Nathaniel Hackett, The Broncos

Nathaniel Hackett got an opportunity to lead his team after spending three seasons under LaFleur, The Green Bay Packers. 42 aged Hackett is hired by The Broncos at $4 million every year. In season 2022 he had an opportunity to work on a big stage.

  1. Kevin Stefanski, Browns

Kevin Stefanski on of the most forward-thinking coach in football. In 2020 he was an AP coach, bringing the first Browns to a playoff for the first time since 2002. The Browns pay him $3.3 million annually. 40 years Stefanski is much energetic in his profession.

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