NBA Commentators Salary 2022

NBA stands for National Basketball Association which is one of the most popular games in the United State. Every season this league is celebrated with gigantic and expensive arrangements. This league introduces many undisputed athletes and staff to the audience. In this passage, we are presenting you with the most significant person who turns the game alive. He is none other than the commentator. He describes the entire game in an amazing way. Sometimes his expression in critical moments makes the game more exciting and confusing. His fluent voice echoes every corner of the stadium and gallery. He is more special to the audiences who watch the game on the screen. 

The following list provides you with an idea about the basic salary of some renowned commentators. It is noted that this content is based on some reliable sources. 

NBA Commentators Salary 2022

Name Role  Channels Salary
Stephen A. Smith  Studio Analyst, Commentator ESPN $12 Million
Bob Costas Commentator and Host CBS, NBA Sports $7 Million
Mike Greenberg Studio Analyst ESPN Radio, ABC $6.5 Million
Tony Kornheiser Studio Analyst ESPN $6.5 Million
Michael Wilbon Studio Analyst ESPN $6 Million
Al Michaels Commentator NBC Sports, ABC $6 Million
Skip Bayless Sports Writer and Analyst ESPN $6 Million
Charles Barkley Commentator and Analyst TNT $5 Million
Michelle Beadle Host ESPN $5 Million
Dan Patrick Analyst ESPN, NCB Sports $5 Million
Jalen Rose Host ESPN $5 Million
Linda Cohn Host ESPN $3 Million
Grant Hill Commentator NBA $2.5 Million
Marv Albert Commentator TNT $2 Million
Jay Bilas Commentator CBS, ESPN $2 Million
Rachel Nichols Host ESPN $1.5 Million
Dan Shulman Commentator ESPN $1.5 Million
Kevin Harlan Broadcaster TNT $1 Million
Ian Eagle Commentator TNT $400.000
Cory Alexander Studio Analyst NBA, ESPN Radio $100.000
Rebecca Haarlow Reporter TNT $50.000

NBA commentators are categorized into three categories. Average, Experienced, and Elite. The Elite commentators are paid the highest salary their annual salary of 1-15 million USD whereas the Experienced get more than $100.000 and the Averaged get $80000 USD. Their weekly, monthly, and other bonuses depending on their category. 

 Five Elite Commentators

  1. Stephen A. Smith 
  2. Bob Costas
  3. Mike Greenberg
  4. Tony Kornheiser
  5. Michael Wilbon

A Short Description Of Five Elite Commentators

Stephen A. Smith is the highest-paid sports commentator who is very famous for his extraordinary ability to entertain the audience. He hosts the popular TV show First Take. He gives commentary on the sports broadcasting channel ESPN. Most of the tv channels desire him. He is an elite category TV host and analyst. His annual salary is nearly $12 million. He gets $80.000 USD monthly. Last year ESPN paid him $10  million yearly which was the highest at that time with his contemporary Jim Rose. Nowadays,  American Smith is a very popular TV personality.

Bob Costas is another popular sports personality famous for his sharp and melodious voice. He can easily picture the game to the listeners by his voice and expression. He is the second highest-paid NBA commentator on the list. He has covered many events and games in his entire career. Bob is versatile in his career, he has been serving as play to play commentator in NBA. He has a handsome income in his profession which is around $7 million a year. He is also an Elite class host.

Mike Greenberg is a professional TV anchor and radio host for ESPN and ABC. Usually, he hosts SportsCentre on ESPN radio. The listeners can visualize the game through his attractive voice. He is working at ESPN radio for a long time and also hosts  ABC Game Show Duel.  his annual salary for his service is nearly $6.5 million per year. He occupies third place on the list by the scale of salary.

Tony Kornheiser is mostly popular for his show “The Kornheiser Show” a radio show and podcast. He is an American TV person who hosts sports talk shows on ESPN. He began his career as a sports reporter on ESPN then took charge of the host. His other popular tv show is Monday Night Football which reaches him the peak of fame. He has a yearly income of $6.5 million at ESPN which is not a little money. 

Michael Wilbon is a skilled sports analyst for ESPN and a very popular sportscaster. He is the co-host of the TV show “Pardon the Interpretation” with Tony Kornheiser. He makes each second of a game more exciting and amusing with his powerful tone. He has covered ten Summer and Winter Olympic Games and Major League Baseball and National Football League. He earns more than $6 million annually at ESPN. 


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