MLS Referees Salary 2022

MLS is the official football league of the USA and it is also popular in Canada. The league consists of 26 teams, 23 teams from USA and 3 from Canada. As in any other league, Match officials will be there to officiate the match. Major League Soccer referees are ruled by the Professional Referee Organization (PRO). MLS offers a handsome salary to different category referees. They also get some travel and medical allowance according to their level The referee’s salary varies on the experience level. A professional MLS referee’s salaries are around $800 per game while assistant soccer referees earn $360 per match. Normally an experienced referee who has officiated many games in regular seasons earns more. Actually, their experience is judged by the number of regular-season and playoff games a referee has officiated.

Their salary is based on experience level and this level is divided into four categories.

Level 1: In this level, the referees officiated a maximum of 20 games or less, they are the youngest in this job. They get $565 match fee. 

Level 2: These referees have 21 to 40 matches of officiating experience and they earn slightly more than level 1 referees. They receive $670 match fee. 

Level 3: After finishing 41 to 75 matches with dignity a referee is promoted to this level and he earns $775 per match.

Level 4: All the referees of this lever are the most experienced and qualified. They are FIFA-listed referees. They are more than the others. They get $875 per match. They have more than 76 match experiences.

PRO has recently published the current referee list which is given below.

Match Referees

The following referees are the central match referees who are the highest-paid match officials. They receive $850 per match and in All-Star Matches they get $1,500. Their annual salary is more than $55,00 USD with other bonuses and sponsorship.

  • Fotis Bazakos
  • Allen Chapman
  • Alex Chilowicz
  • Matthew Conger (Appointed to the Qatar World Cup 2022)
  • Ismail Elfath (Appointed to the Qatar World Cup 2022)
  • Marcos De Oliveira
  • Joe Dickerson
  • Drew Fischer
  • Tim Ford
  • Jon Freemon
  • Guido Gonzales Jr
  • Pierre-Luc Lauziere
  • Jair Marrufo
  • Rosendo Mendoza
  • Ismir Pekmic
  • Chris Penso
  • Tori Penso
  • Silviu Petrescu
  • Victor Rivas
  • Nima Saghafi
  • Robert Sibiga
  • Kevin Stott
  • Lukasz Szpala
  • Ramy Touchan
  • Ted Unkel
  • Rubiel Vazquez
  • Armando Villarreal

Assistant Referees 

An assistant referee gets $500 as a match fee but in All-Star Match he receives $1,000 per match and their annual salary is approximately $15,000. They also get some allowance and bonus.

  • Frank Anderson
  • Ian Anderson
  • Lyes Arfa
  • Kyle Atkins
  • Claudiu Badea
  • Peter Balciunas
  • Michael Barwegen
  • Andrew Bigelow
  • Cameron Blanchard
  • Diego Blas
  • Gjovalin Bori
  • Chantal Boudreau
  • Logan Brown
  • Jose Da Silva
  • Brian Dunn
  • Chris Elliott
  • Gianni Facchini
  • Adam Garner
  • Ryan Graves
  • Jeffrey Greeson

Video Assistant Referees (VAR)

In a game, the VAR referee plays a vital role he helps the central referee to take any decision when he requires. They are also paid at the scale of an assistant referee. We present to you some renowned VAR referees.

  • Malik Badawi
  • Carol Anne Chenard
  • Geoff Gamble 
  • Jorge Gonzalez 
  • Hilario Grajeda
  • Edvin Jurisevic 
  • Alejandro Mariscal 
  • Younes Marrakchi 
  • Daniel Radford 
  • Jose Carlos Rivero 
  • Sorin Stoica 
  • Kevin Terry Jr

Assistant Video Assistant Referees 

  • Jozef Batko Jonathan 
  • Johnson
  • Mike Kampmeinert
  • Kyle Longville 
  • Craig Lowry 
  • Jeffrey Muschik 
  • Rene Parra 
  • Josh Patlak 
  • Robert Schaap 
  • Thomas Supple 
  • Fabio Tovar 
  • TJ Zablocki

Cautions: This writing piece is based on some reliable sources that may be changed at any time by the legacy.

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