La Liga Referees Salary 2022-23

Spanish La Liga is one of the most watched football leagues just next to the English Premier League. Every season this league introduces so many world-class football players and other staff. In this writing, we are going to discuss all the La Liga referees and their yearly income. As far as we know La Liga offers the highest wage to the referees than other professional football leagues. La Liga referees are paid  €6.000 match fee whereas English Premier League Referees get £1,500 for officiate a match. La Liga has appointed the best and most experienced referees for the upcoming season 2022. La Liga referees’ salaries have been published for the season 2022 which are given below. 

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Generally, a referee’s salary is based on the category. Different category referees are paid different amounts of money but they make the match successful altogether. So, have a look at the category table first.

Category Match Fee Basic Salary
Match Referee €6,000 €250,000
Assistant Referee €3.000 €70,000
Video Assistant Referee €3.500 €85,000

Besides the match referees, the assistant referees and VAR (Video Assistant Referees) are also paid well.

We have enlisted 18 La Liga referees those all are the match referees who get €6.000 match fee and their annual approximate salary is €250,000. They are all from Spain and are regarded as the best referee in Spanish La Liga.  

They are:

  • Antonio Mateu Lahoz
  • Carlos del Cerro Grande
  • Juan Martinez
  • Jose Sanchez
  • Jorge Figueroa
  • Javier Iglesias
  • Alejandro Hernandez
  • Guillermo Cuadra Fernandez
  • Mario Melero Lopez
  • Miguel Ortiz
  • Isidro Diaz de Mera
  • Cesar Soto
  • Ricardo De Burgos
  • Jesus Gil
  • Juan Pulido
  • Jose Munuera
  • Pablo Gonzalez
  • Alejandro Muniz

Antonio Mateu Lahoz is one of the best referees in his country Spain who has been officiating matches in Spanish La Liga since 2008. He was enlisted in FIFA in 2011. He has experience with Brazil World Cup 2014 qualifiers and Russia World Cup 2018. The final match between Manchester City and Chelsea in the 2021 UEFA Championship League was refereed by Lahoz. He has been selected to represent his nation in Qatar World Cup this year.

Carlos del Cerro Grande is a Spanish international referee who was listed in FIFA in 2013. He started refereeing in 2000 and in 2010 he won the Second Division  Gold Whistle. Since 2011 he is refereeing in Spanish La Liga. He was rewarded as UEFA elite category referee in 2020. He officiated the group match of Euro 2020 between France and Germany. He faced criticism for not calling a foul against Germany in their penalty area.

José María Sánchez Martínez is another remarkable Spanish referee who has been officiating La Liga matches since 2015. He became FIFA’s listed referee in 2017. He is also in top rank in UEFA. He officiated his first international match between Argentina vs Venezuela, a friendly in 2019. He was in charge of VAR ( Video Assistant Referee) in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. It is hard to see his conversation with players rather he prefers to communicate with sign language throughout the game.

Guillermo Cuadra Fernandez a renowned Spanish football referee is officiating Spanish La Liga matches since 2018. FIFA enlisted him in 2020. He was selected as VAR for the football tournament at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan. He was selected as a referee for the 2021 UEFA European U-21 Championship in Hungary and Slovenia, replacing Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea, who tested positive for COVID-19. He started his career in 2013 but he made a tremendous success within a short time. 

Ricardo De Burgos has been refereeing La Liga matches since 2015. He was listed as a FIFA referee in 2018. Spanish Ricardo De Burgos is also a ranked UEFA referee. He refereed in many matches in Segunda División. His first international match was in the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying between Belarus and Estonia in 2019. He was also selected for the 2021 UEFA European U-21 but due to his affected COVID-19, he couldn’t officiate the matches.


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